We care to deliver quality
The Key to your Success!

We care to deliver quality

Remodel or Buy

Familiar with Love it or List it? 

Remodel or Buy

is similar EXCEPT – NO MONEY out of pocket!


To Qualify is Simple:

ONE, you must be the legal owner of your home….Check!

TWO, your home must need cosmetic updating and/or minor repairs…..Check!

What to do NEXT….CALL SARA for an evaluation 949-363-3125

The evaluation is required to determine the minimum upgrades and/or repairs necessary to maximize the sales price of each home.

Did you know that styles can be considered outdated in as little as 7-10 years? “Dated” equals lower sales price to a potential Buyer and/or Realtor.  In recent times DIY shows like Flip or Flop have shed light to the profit in the flipping industry – but what if you could cut flippers out?  As a Licensed CA General Contractor & Realtor Sara saw the need for Homeowners to take back the potential and PROFIT in their homes, eliminating flippers and investors.

Over the past 15 years Sara has developed a reliable crew that produces quality work.  It is with this crew that offers Sara the Remodel or Buy program.

*Sara reserves the right to choose which homes can utilize the program.