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We care to deliver quality

Copy My TC

Send your contract and we will do the rest!



Copy my TC strives to be an invisible aide that assists your transaction from contract to your commission check On Time!

Email your Contract to CopyMyTC@gmail.com

next, we will……….

  1. Email a welcome message all parties involved including critical dates for a smooth path to Close of Escrow.
  2. Share a Folio timeline with critical dates you & parties in involved. (example below)
  3. Live document sharing on Dropbox to utilize when needed via any mobile device or desktop.
  4. Utilize Agents CAR forms & letters to assist if any additional forms need to be executed.
  5. Send documents via DocuSign for timely signatures, if hand signatures are needed documents will be prepared for Agent to schedule a signing.
  6. Order NHD & Home Warranty when applies.
  7. Prepare a USB drive with documents executed during the transaction for Agent to gift to Agent’s client.
  8. Utilize C.A.R. legal for any transaction/form specific questions.
  9. Track and record the paper and email flow throughout the transaction!

We are trained and capable in all Broker platforms!


 $400  Purchase:  One Side (up to 2 Principles – $50 each additional party)

 $700  Purchase:  Two Sides (up to 4 Principles – $50 each additional party)

 $300  Lease:  One Side (up to 2 Principles – $50 each additional party)

 $450  Lease:  Two Sides (up to 4 Principles – $50 each additional party)

Invoices to be paid through Escrow unless discussed prior.


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Ready to serve you....


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